Saturday, May 23, 2009


Another Memorial Day weekend. Over the past few weeks I have been remembering a lot. Some good, some bad. This woman is Anita Sheer, she taught me Flamenco guitar, culture, and tradition. She founded the Flamenco Society of San Jose. She did all of this while struggling with inoperable brain cancer. I know that she and Segovia are swapping licks and drinking San Gria.

At my age, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the legacy that I will leave behind. For a long, dark time I was convinced that my legacy would be only the dust of my ashes.

Now, however, I am presented with a wonderful new possibilty. I have found two lovely young women who were lost to me for many years; my daughters.

After my divorce was final, I came to believe that no one would remember me; no one would even notice my passing. But now I have next of kin. Blood of my blood. NEXT OF KIN. Sounds so simple and perhaps even antiquated. However, today, right now, I find that this thought brings tears to my eyes. I have a legacy; my children, my grandchildren, all of my descendents. I do not know how I will be remembered. However, I now know that I will be remebered. I find great comfort in that.

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